Six Tips For Toddler Taming

If your toddler resists brushing or cannot sit still for two minutes, then try these suggestions:

1. Distract them – Consider a battery powered brush, which adds novelty to cleaning thier teeth.

2. Entertain them – Sing nursery rhymes or play a favourite song while you help them brush thier teeth.

3. Bribe them – Offer a rewrad every time your toddler allows you to brush their teeth for two full minutes. (This should not be food, but could simply be a visit to the park)

4. Lead by example – Encourage your child to practise teeth cleaning (under your supervision) to install good oral hygiene habits from an early age. Use a combination of ‘show and tell’ methods.For example, you could brush your teeth as your child imitates you; then next time, tell your child how to brush while you watch.

5. Dazzle them – Make brushing and flossing as much fun as you can to avoid any negative association or resistance.

6. – Tell them you do it – Children tend to imitate their parents behaviours. If oral hygiene and dental care are important to you, they will be important to your child. Talk to your child about the importance of healthy teeth. A child who undertsnads that teeth have to last a lifetime is more likely to take care of them. Visit your dentist regularly to maintain your own oral health, which will in turn benefit your child.

Issue #5,  Smile Magazine

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