The days of unsightly metal amalgam fillings are numbered. At Maven Dental Clare, formerly Clare Dental, we believe that there are in most cases, more visually pleasing and often more conservative materials available for restoring teeth.

Composite resin  fillings were created as an alternative to traditional amalgam fillings and can be used to fill and repair both back and front teeth. Tooth coloured fillings look like natural tooth structure and are made of a tooth coloured dental resin. Composite resin fillings are strong, durable, and make for a very natural looking smile. They are often only suitable for small to medium sized restorations,and especially in the back there will often be the need to use a stronger alternative eg ceramic.

The procedure involves preparing the cavity until it is the correct shape and all of the decay (if present) is removed. Once the Dentist is satisfied with the shape, an adhesive is placed on the tooth which helps the filling to bond to the tooth structure. This adhesive is set and then the composite is placed into the prepared cavity in layers and set with a special curing light.                         Powder Room


Composite fillings are more aesthetically pleasing than amalgam fillings.

This type of filling bonds to the remaining tooth structure and can help strengthen tooth structure.


Composite fillings sometimes are not suitable for very large restorations. They can sometimes be difficult to place in certin areas of the mouth.

Some foods and drinks can stain composite fillings.