Healthy snack ideas


To help maintain healthy teeth we recommend that the frequency of sweet sugary foods are restricted.Healthy snack ideas:
*Wholegrain cereals

*Wholemeal crackers with avocado, vegemite, cheese or hommus

*Cheese, tomato or vegemite wholemeal sandwichs

*English muffin with tomato or cheese

* Flat bread with cheese and salad

*Salt reduced Baked Beans or spagetti on toast

*Pieces of fresh fruit. Fruit consumption should be restricted to 2 serves a day due to high fruit sugar content.

*Pieces of fresh vegetables such as cucumber strips, cherry tomatoes, corn on the cob.

*Cheese cubes or slices

* Hard boiled eggs


Water should be the main drink for children over the age of 1. It is important for your child to be hydrated to maintain a healthy body and a healthy saliva flow.


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