Dental Health Week

This year ADA Dental Health Week is focusing on oral health for people with busy lives with the aim of helping you to appreciate that, no matter how busy you are or where you are in life, it is possible to fit caring for your teeth and gums into an already overcrowded diary. You may see caring for your teeth and gums as on optional extra something to be put aside in favour of more pressing issues, but the fact is that it’s vitally important that you care for your teeth and gums every bit as much as anything else in life.

Below you will find the most common Oral Health Tips:

  1. Visit your dentist every 6 months.
  2. Brush your teeth twice a day.
  3. Floss your teeth once a day.
  4. Limit in-between meal snacking.
  5. Chew sugar free gum.
  6. Book in children’s appointments during school holidays.
  7. Use a customised mouthguard if you play contact sport.

We have free goodie bags for all patients that attend this week and the opportunity to go in our free raffle.




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