State of the art Sterilization Equipment

At  Clare Dental we have updated our sterilization equipment, this is our newest piece of equipment “The Mocom”

Patients can be assured that infection control at Clare Dental is of the highest quality.

Sterilization co-ordinator Tina Kent keeps all staff member’s up to date with the latest infection control standards.


IMG_0944 (2)

Clare Dental has gone green

After 11 years we thought it was time for a colour change.

What hasn’t altered is our commitment to providing a wide variety of quality dental care to our patients of all ages.

We look forward to seeing you all soon.

Diabetes Awareness

At Clare Dental we are committed to a professional and experience approach in maintaining good oral health for our patients with diabetes.

Here are some of the reasons why it is important to maintain regular visits if you have diabetes:

-Having diabetes places you at a greater risk of gum disease.

-Gum disease often goes undetected so it is crucial that you understand the signs and come in if you see any of the following:

-Red or swollen gums

-Bleeding when brushing or flossing

-Bad Breath

Below are several ways that you can help prevent gum disease:

-Brush your teeth twice a day

-Floss or use interdental brushes to clean between your teeth daily

-If you have dentures remove and clean then each night before you got to sleep

-Regular Dental visits

-Do not smoke

Please call us to schedule your  thorough dental  examination.

Specialist Orthodontist

On the 9th of September we welcomed

Dr Andrew Tindall, specialist orthodontist to our rooms with assistant Wendy.

He will be consulting once a month on a Tuesday.

Mouthguard Awarness

Have you got your mouthguard for the sport season?

Professionally made mouth guards are highly recommended for athletes who play contact sports.

Mouth guards should be worn during training as well as during games.

They are available in a wide range of shades, including multi colours to suit your team.

All that is required is a short appointment to take some impressions.

So why not give us a call and ensure that you are doing everything you can to protect your teeth while playing sport!