Have we made your Mouth Guard?

Playing certain sports can put players at risk of having a tooth or teeth damaged or knocked. Injuries such as this can have life long consequences.

Professionally made mouth guards are highly recommended for athletes who play contact sport. Mouth guards should be worn during training as well as games.

They are available in a wide range of shades, including multi colours to suit your team.

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Digital OPG Machine – No more trips to Adelaide!

Clare Dental has just installed a brand new Digital X-ray machine that not only takes x-rays of the whole jaw, but can also take single x-rays of either side of the mouth (bitewings) ,cross-sections and TMJ images. This cutting edge technology allows us to take the required images immediately and means no more waiting time for you as the developing time and messy chemicals are no longer needed.

The Planmeca ProOne uses minimal amounts of radiation compared to that used in the past. The community of Clare and the surrounding districts are very fortunate to have access to such innovative technology.